Sunday, June 14, 2009


Not Helping

From the American Family News Network's site, OneNewsNow:

Finn Laursen is executive director of Christian Educators Association International, of which [John] Freshwater is a member.

"I am pleased to see a public school teacher like John Freshwater willing to go outside his comfort zone and fight for the religious freedoms our forefathers guaranteed is through the U.S. Constitution," says Laursen. "It is imperative that all Christian educators, students, and parents be willing to step forward to insist on their rights -- or those rights will slowly be forfeited.

"John is proving to be a hero of the faith," he adds.

If, as Freshwater claims in his lawsuit, he wasn't teaching creationism or attempting to advance or inhibit any religion, this is not the image he wants to project.

That is, if anyone was supposed to believe him in the first place.

Ben Franklin was the guy who demonstrated that lightning is electricity. He fooled around a lot with the stuff, pulling party stunts like having everybody stand in a circle and then having two in the circle grasp a battery which would jolt everyone in the group. Ha ha, lots of fun.

I do not think Franklin would condone Freshwater's use of a Tesla coil to burn students under any circumstances.

Finn Laursen is making up false stuff about the founders. Shame on him.
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