Sunday, June 07, 2009


Steaming Irony in Piles


Orac must have had his irony meter heavily shielded.

The folks at woo ubermeister Age of Autism have awarded it's Commenter of the Week T-Shirt to one Jack Russell for this:

This whole "science has spoken" business is absurd and misses the point of what "science" is supposed to be. Somehow this country has traded religion for science apparently ignoring the fact that they are two totally separate things. Science isn't something to be worshipped or even worse, to have faith in. Science is a method of questioning. To say "science has spoken" on an issue is to betray the very meaning of science.

Ooh! I'm glad to know that science hasn't spoken about the Earth orbiting the sun and anyone, without any expertise in the field and/or without any scientific evidence, can question that. After all, it's obvious that the sun comes up in the east, travels across the sky and sets in the west. To say that the sun doesn't orbit the Earth is to betray science.

But the real irony is the T-shirt Mr. Russell won:

You didn't have to tell us that the bull stops there ... often ...

It was more than obvious from the usual evidence.
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