Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Taking Things Two Ways

Two Danish schools are under suspicion:

Brændstrup Christian School in Rødding and Adsbøl Christian School in Gråsten were both inspected by the Board of Education last week, resulting in the Board raising concerns about their belief that the schools are using science classes to teach alternate theories of origin, including creationism.

If the Board’s suspicions are found to be true, the schools would be in violation of Education Ministry guidelines.

‘Teaching in the natural sciences cannot include either intelligent design or the creationist account from the Old Testament,’ said Bertil Haarder, the education minister. ‘Those teachings belong in Christianity classes. You can’t use state funding to teach religious ideas in natural science classes.’

The schools' response is that "Our core Christian values are not specifically part of the classes’ educational content."

Wait a minute ... isn't "Thou shalt not bear false witness" a core Christian value?

It's not when it can be conveniently forgotten.
And here I thought God wrote it down in a book for them so they wouldn't forget!
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