Thursday, July 30, 2009


Cultured Journalism

A couple of months ago, after Larry Moran had announced that he was attending the "Two Cultures" meeting in New York, I stumbled across Mike Treder's (of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies) live blogging of the event. Mike described a panel discussion on "How to More Effectively Communicate Science Issues to the Public" where an unnamed "scientist and educator" asked why all of the panelists in the session were science journalists and expressing the dismay many scientists feel at the job that science journalists do. Larry having expressed his opinion on the subject often, I guessed that the scientist was Larry being ... well ... Larry* (which is why I like him so much, even if I piss him off on an all-too-regular basis).

It has now been confirmed. You can go here and see the panel discussion (Larry is at 47:10).

I didn't think then that Larry liked Andrew Revkin's answer very much. I was right about that too.

* Despite his curmudgeonly demeanor at his blog and before that at, Larry, not unlike PZ Myearshertz, is mild-mannered in person ... if this clip is representative.

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