Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ground Control to Major Tom

Craig Nelson, author of Rocket Men – The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon, on conspiracy theories that deny that American astronauts landed on the moon:

"Those people have a religion and no facts will undo them," Nelson said. His favorite response to conspiracy groups comes from Armstrong who said it was easier to just go to the moon than it would have been to fake it. And what about the 400,000 people who worked on Apollo 11? "What percentage of them are in on the conspiracy and do you really think 100,000 people could really keep this quiet for forty years?" he asked.

This is the same mentality that allows people to think that the millions of scientists who have worked on evolutionary theory might have, say, overlooked something as fundamental as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It is a short trip from questioning shadows in pictures from the moon to claiming that wrist bones don't exist.

In the end, ID is just another lunatic conspiracy theory.

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