Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Running It Up the Zogby Poll

Ho, hum. The Discovery (sic) Institute is humping its poll showing ... well ... what?

Just a few months before the 150th anniversary of Darwin's On the Origin of Species, a newly released Zogby poll shows that the American public overwhelmingly rejects Darwinian theory in favor of intelligent design. When asked if life developed "through an unguided process of random mutations and natural selection," a standard definition of Darwinism, only 33 percent of respondents said they agreed with the statement. But 52 percent agreed that "the development of life was guided by intelligent design."

And? If we gave a fair description of quantum mechanics to most Americans and compared it to something like "the world is made up of solid matter," which would win? ... And, more importantly, who would care? I thought ID was supposed to be all about the science ... you know, a "minimal commitment scientifically to the possibility of detecting intelligent causation," with "a total focus on scientific arguments."

Surely, even the Undiscovery Boyz know that scientific truth or falsity is not decided by democratic vote by those untrained in the science.

You'd almost think they were politicians or ad men instead of scientists.

I notice the poll is structured so they can claim all the theistic evolutionists, which is not where the DI draws then line when they talk about ID vs. evolution anywhere else.
The 'Tute has never seen a line they won't erase for any temporary advantage.
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