Friday, July 03, 2009


The Virgin's Strategy

Sarah Palin made a splash in last year's presidential election primarily because she was a political virgin on the national level. Unfortunately for McCain, she couldn't be kept out of the public eye enough to prevent her cherry being popped.

Now Palin is trying to restore her virginity by resigning as governor of Alaska. According to Republican political strategist Mary Matalin:

"[Now] she will be freed up and liberated the way Mitt Romney is to raise money and get political chips by spending it and getting political capital. And she is still raising the kinds of crowds and money she always did." ...

"She takes that target off her back with a good record to launch from," Matalin said.

The far right rubber chicken circuit beckons to her, letting her leave behind the risk she could really screw something up in Alaska, a state vulnerable to falling oil prices.

Ed Rollins, another well-known Republican strategist, thinks the move makes Palin look "terribly inept."

The weakness in that assessment is that Palin's base is unlikely to be able to recognize ept.

Hey, that regaining One's virginity bit worked for Elizabeth R.
Bess was competent enough to do about anything ... exactly the opposite of Sarah.
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