Monday, August 31, 2009


Carnival of the Elitist Bastards XVI

The Carnival has sailed again from Quiche Moraine with Stephanie at the helm.

And this time it has a tale that, to me, explains the meaning of the Carnival in such a perfect way that it has to be noticed ... the man with a telescope.

There are many lessons that can be drawn ... as Dana saw a lesson in what we should all be doing and Cujo saw the lesson in what we aren't doing. Important lessons to be sure. But for me, the basic lesson is the man with a telescope himself. I don't know if he charges anything to look through the telescope but I'm more than sure that, if he does, it isn't near enough for his time and equipment.

I'm betting it's not about fame or even being noticed in a few blogs.

It's not even about some sense of duty to improve the world.

It was and is about the excitement of sharing what he knows with others ... the sheer joy of showing another human being something that you know but they did not know before.

Now, if we could all capture that feeling and become addicted to it, that would be a force that would change the world!


I've seen that guy, and he doesn't charge money. He was enthusiastic about answering all sorts of questions about the prominences, the filters he was using, and just about anything else folks were asking.
I figured. (My brother is involved in an astronomy club and its that way with him.)
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