Thursday, August 20, 2009



Now here is a useful new usage.

For all those occasions when Casey Luskin or Michael Egnor or Joseph Farah deliver a hypocrisy, deception or plain cluelessness so massive that the usual terms seem to pale into insignificance against the brightly burning stupid, Ed Brayton has come up with a term that won't, at least, be lost in the glare.

Projectile Irony!

I promised to give an acknowledgment of where I got the term ... at least once.

This is it.

And in case anyone was wondering, that image is from the modern water sculpture in downtown Chicago's Millennium Park. The wall is a huge video screen of hundreds of peoples' faces that blink and change expression, merge into each other and occasionally do something fun like purse their lips when water flows out (as pictured). On a hot day, the place is filled with kids and adults splashing around.
Really, it's pretty cool stuff.
Known as Crown Fountain.
Wow that's my pic.
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