Monday, September 28, 2009


Stone-Cold Winner

Double Woo Hoo!

Brian Switek of Laelaps and Dinosaur Tracking has announced that his first book, Written in Stone, will be coming out next year:

In it I tell the stories of some of the most magnificent evolutionary transitions in the vertebrate fossil record, such as the evolution of birds from feathered theropod dinosaurs and whales from land-dwelling ancestors, and I use the history of science to sketch our changing understanding of these major events in vertebrate evolution. Written in Stone is not just a compendium of evidence for evolution from the vertebrate fossil record. It is a grand tale that traces the circuitous path our perception of evolutionary history has taken over the past 200 years.
Given the high standard of writing that he has always displayed at his blogs, it will doubtless be a great read!

Thanks, John! I have been wanting to write this one for a long time, and it will definitely be only the first of many to come. :)
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