Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This Is a Tribulation?

PZ Myearshertz on the aftermath of the Rapture:

Have any Christian friends or neighbors? Go knock on their door. If no one answers, they're in paradise — help yourself to their house, their car, their jewelry, that nice TV in their living room. Traffic on your commute should be a little lighter in the morning. The Republican party has evaporated, and the entire staff of Fox News are gone, and the network will have to shut down.

Remind me ... the Tribulation is supposed to be a bad thing, right?



If you've ever read Fred Clark's deconstruction of the Left Behind books, you'll be aware that LaHaye and Jenkins do get in to that aspect of the post-Rapture world a bit -- and Fred points out how hilariously incompetent and unrealistic their handling of it is.
I keep trying to tell those folks that it's all over, that the Rapture occurred in 1947 and all seven True Christians (6 North Dakota cowboys and a strange pre-hippie from San Francisco) were zapped up to heaven. The rest of the fireworks -- the Tribulation and so on -- was called off on account of rain.
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