Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Too Crazed for CPAC?

In a development that promises that pigs will soon sprout wings:

[O]rganizers of next year's Conservative Political Action Conference — the country's biggest annual meeting of activists on the right — said last week that they had rejected a request to schedule a panel on whether Obama was a native-born U.S. citizen.

"It would fill a room," said event director Lisa De Pasquale. "But so would a two-headed monkey. There really are so many more important issues, and it's only a three-day conference."

Ah! So much crazy, so little time!

But never fear, loonies! There will always be a home for you!

CPAC officials said WorldNetDaily's [Joseph] Farah asked the group to hold the panel.

More affectionately known as WingNutDaily, the intertubz' outlet of last resort for the habitually clueless promises to be there for you!


Via En Tequila Es Verdad

actually I am going to send this to the ENTIRE University of Morris - faculty & staff - you are going to be PUT TO DEATH PUBLICLY FOR BLASPHEMY...

you have forfeited your life

Funny, I somehow think that the entire faculty & staff of the "University of Morris" (wherever the heck that is) will not be interested in putting me or anyone else to death for blasphemy.

Congratulations! You have perpetrated the single least threatening death threat in the history of the species.
...blasphemy in the church of the holy flying pig ( - oh, shit, now I've done it, too!)
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