Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Dilemmas of the Two-Faced

Here is more from the Ministry of Misinformation on the American Freedom Aliance's suit against the California Science Center because of its cancellation of the AFA's screening of the Dishonesty Institute's propaganda film, Darwin's Dilemma.

As I suspected, the CSC (at least allegedly) relied on the provision of their agreement that all promotional materials had to be submitted to CSC for review and approval prior to printing or broadcast as grounds for canceling the event. The particular press release supposedly involved, however, was clearly issued by the Discovery Institute, not the AFA.

If that is the sole basis for the cancellation, the CSC can be in some trouble and should probably settle. An argument could possibly be made that the DI is so thick with the AFA in this case that it is not credible that it was acting other than on the AFA's behalf, and vice versa, but I think that would be a hard row to hoe. On the other hand, I would not be at all surprised if the DI and AFA looked at the agreement and decided that the DI should handle the sleazy publicity ... something the DI has much practice at in any event.

But just to cap off the evidence of the utter disingenuousness of these people, remember how the AFA characterized the other film they were supposed to show, We Are Born of the Stars, as a "pro-evolution film" meant to "provide balance" against the pro-ID side? That's not exactly how it was described at the AFA's site:

We Are Born of Stars - Premiere!

This extraordinary IMAX film (3D re-mastered) provides a view of the true structure of DNA never before witnessed in a wide screen format. Once one views DNA in motion, with the full scope, intricacy and supercoiling magnificence of this essential building block of life, the issue of our origins takes on an even deeper mystery and wonder.
In other words, the AFA, and the DI drones in attendance, fully intended to use We Are Born of the Stars not as pro-evolution balance but, instead, as a pro-ID "argument" of the "gee, that's so complex I can't understand it, therefore Goddidit" variety.

Is there something about creationism that impels the believer to misrepresent everything?


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