Sunday, November 08, 2009


Stupidity Prime

Pity poor ERV.

Everyone has to live somewhere but it has to be a extra burden to live in Oklahoma:

NORMAN, Oklahoma – A stimulus-funded research project at the University of Oklahoma has some people questioning how stimulus money is being spent.

The study is titled "Research, Education and Capacity Building – Genomic Structure of Native Peruvian Populations," and is a 5-year, $650,000 project.

State Senator Randy Brogdon is an outspoken opponent of President Obama's stimulus package.

"The people of this state should be outraged to hear about this kind of nonsense going on right here in the great state of Oklahoma," Brogdon said.

Senator Brogdon said he believes every single stimulus-funded project in Oklahoma creates unconstitutional oversight by the federal government, even at the university level.

"The issue is government over-reaching, federal government over-reaching into the state of Oklahoma and controlling our state budget, controlling what the professors teach or what kind of research is going on in the universities," Brogdon said.

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