Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Bombing Britain

In a typical example of creationist inflationary theory, Anika Smith, the tankwoman in pink of the Discovery Institute, is over at its Ministry of Misinformation touting a Customer Review (of all things) of Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell that has appeared on Amazon's United Kingdom site (while also highlighting Thomas Nagel's ill-advised and ill-founded recommendation of Meyer's screed as a Book of the Year in the Times Literary Supplement, of course). The review is entitled: "New Intelligent Design Book A Landmark Assault On Scientific Naturalism."

And who is the "customer" reviewing the book? Why, by a certain Robert Deyes of Madison, Wisconsin, who just happens to be a prolific blogger at the Access Research Network's blog, The ID Report, part of the site entitled "The ID Update: News and Commentary Updates for the ID Community."

Imagine that! A tireless campaigner for ID liked Meyer's jeremiad against "scientific naturalism" (i.e. science)! Who would have thunk it?

To catch a whiff of Deyes' acumen, you might want to see the highly humorous review at Bay of Fundie of one of Deyes posts at The ID Report, in which he compares Darwin to Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger ... or somthin'.

You might also want to add a negative reaction to Deyes' review, and perhaps a comment or two, to counter, even in a small way, what will doubtless be the creationist saturation-bombing of praise for it.


Update: Michael Barton of The Dispersal of Darwin points out that, in a step beyond saturation-bombing, heading toward the nuking of John Bull, Truth (sic) in Science has sent copies of the Discovery Institute's faux textbook, Explore Evolution, to many if not all secondary schools libraries.

I thought "Bombing Britain" was going to be about how the Explore Evolution textbook was given to every school library in the UK:
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