Saturday, December 19, 2009


Unconscious Truth

This is amusing. The Sensuous Curmudgeon has already noticed it but, I think, missed the irony of one part.

It is a "sermon" by one Jon Skillman, a deacon at Grace Baptist Church of Oroville, California, whose main point is the incredibly ignorant claim that there are no transitional fossils. But here is where cluelessness can nonetheless speak truth:

Now, before being dragged off to academia to be indoctrinated into an evolutionist, may I offer an alternative? It's called Creation ... Oh, I forgot ... the word Creation has some silly biblical connotations and had to be politically corrected into "intelligent design." This had to be done to remove God from the equation ... The mere intimation of God's involvement throws intellectuals into a conniption fit. God is a very inconvenient truth to them. I think they choose to believe in evolution just so they won't have to believe in God.

Why, yes ... "intelligent design" is a term made up to remove biblical connotations from a religious concept. But it wasn't made up by "politically correct" intellectuals but by dishonest "cdesign proponentsists." And the intent wasn't to soothe those intellectuals but to evade the Constitution's ban on teaching religion as true in government schools.

It is "political," however ... the sort of politics propagated by those intent on breaking the law of the land.

I find it hard to describe how this guy just doesn't get it.

However, just wait for the DI to pick up on this as evidence that Intelligent Design isn't religious.
Naw, I think even the DI would realize it is another example of their target audience being more truthful about the DI's motives than they are.
I was looking, the other day, for the 'cdesign proponentists' song. It was set to Gilbert and Sullivan's "Model of a modern major general" .

Would you have a link?
Good point, John. Adopting the mask of ID wasn't for political correctness; it was just another attempt to slip by the First Amendment.

Look here.
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