Thursday, January 21, 2010


God's Own Education

Ed Brayton has the story of a school district in a small town in Ohio which has a "mission statement" which says that the schools "value belief in God." The Freedom From Religion Foundation has threatened a lawsuit and the locals are much agitated*. Faux News is, naturally, out to exacerbate the situation with the ridiculous headline "The Name Of God Is Under Attack In One Local School."

The most telling thing is the actual wording of the mission statement:

We value: Responsibility, honesty, respect, integrity, commitment, belief in God and religious freedom.

A government agency telling its students that it values belief in God at the same time that it values religious freedom shows that it is understands neither.


* The comments to the Faux News story give an idea of how it's going. Perhaps the most clueless response may be this:

This is so sad when we are told we cant worship God! May God have mercy on thier (sic) souls!

Why, no ... you can't use government school policy to worship God. There is this little thing called the Constitution. You might have heard of it ... if you weren't educated in Uniontown, Ohio.

I actually grew up there and went to that school but never heard of that teacher. The science teacher I had was wonderful. Sure, people were religious, but I never heard the kind of frothing craziness of this kind until I read about this case in the papers. Glad I haven't gone back to visit for 20 some years...
Thomas Wolfe was right.
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