Friday, January 22, 2010


Political Correctness


The Kansas State Senate has voted overwhelming to outlaw K2.

Yes, I'm an old fart* and had to go look up what K2 is.

According to this by Peter Rugg at the blog of the Kansas City News, it is a not very potent, short-lasting high vaguely like real marijuana.

So, naturally, it must be stamped out.

And I bet not a few senators went out and congratulated each other for their likely making Kansas the first state to have banned this threat to God and country ... over drinks.


* I went to college in the late sixties and early 70s. I inhaled and liked it.

I keep hoping that eventually our political and chattering classes will wake up and realize how wasteful and useless outlawing drugs is. Instead, they keep giving me more reason to despair.

We aren't as smart as our ancestors, that's for sure. It only took them thirteen years to realize that Prohibition was a mistake.
I'm not so sure that our ancestors were smarter ... just thirstier for a drink than we are craving a toke ... probably because alcohol is so much more addictive.
We should so start a campaign for "Medical K2." Perhaps that would point up how ridiculous these laws are. I could get a higher high off of markers, for fuck's sake.

And then there was the time my mother got high off of vinegar fumes. I guess we'll have to outlaw that, next, right? (And, yes, it does require prolonged and heavy exposure, such as treating a sheet metal roof, to get high off of vinegar. But, y'know, the kiddies might figure out you can get tipsy inhaling gallons of the stuff, and the next thing you know some uptight Con will pitch a fit, and you'll find yourself carded the next time you go to the grocery store.)

I say let them outlaw it. Half the fun of using drugs is in being 'bad', going against the man, sneering at the law, farting in a lawmaker's general direction. As a legal substance all you get is the high. If it was illegal, the adrenalin rush would intensify the high.

Of course I'm only partially serious here; making anything and everything that can give a buzz equal to religion, and with no lingering after effects I might add, is ignorant and controlling.

I inhaled in the mid '70s and liked it too.

John, when did you steal Wilkin's mug as your avatar?
John, when did you steal Wilkin's mug as your avatar?

Almost from the begining. I didn't start out to do so. I was looking around for a different sort of mug but I ran across that picture where the eyes were so human in introspection that I could not resist. Of course, I didn't choose an albino ...
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