Monday, January 18, 2010


World's Worst Headline

That would be the headline "Nashville Christian School teaches science in context."

But here's what the article says:

[A]s far as the private school is concerned, God created the world and all other views are theoretical.

"[Nashville Christian School] teaches creation in addition to the theory of evolution," said Chris McBride, a 2003 NCS graduate and the school's technology coordinator.

"The key is that NCS makes a point of emphasizing that it is only a theory. Teachers explain that evolution is a theory that many people believe. They then go on to explain how we, as Christians, know that the theory is false."
If that is what is being taught -- that science is merely, in common parlance, a guess or an unfounded belief -- then it is not possible that they are teaching the context of science that includes tons of empiric evidence in favor of evolution. If they are teaching science in context of a religious belief in which empiric evidence is disregarded in favor of revelation, then they aren't teaching science at all.

Either way, the words "teaches," "context" and "science" do not combine in any way to represent what the story reveals.

A better headline for that article:

"Science: Your doing it wrong."

Or maybe "Don't know much biology"

(for the old folks in the audience)
Perhaps we should donate an unabridged dictionary to this "school." They appear to lack one.
Not to mention the editors at the newspaper ...
I like the part about how they falsified the theory of evolution. I wish they described how this was done.
I wish they described how this was done.

Closing their eyes and praying real hard?
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