Thursday, February 25, 2010


Carnival of Elitist Bastards XXI

Better late than never, the Carnival is up at Slobber and Spittle. I liked this from "Next stop: Finlandskii Vokzal" at Electric Worry:

I'm not a Commie, not by nature. I guess that i'd call myself a libertarian-socialist if you forced me to declare a political ideology. Note which word i put first; i did it for a reason, though my idea of libertarianism probably requires a little explaining. I have no fundamental problem with economic libertarianism. Sure, it's mostly powered by unicorn farts and pixie dust, but apparently even grown men need their fairy tales. Who am i to take away another man's John Galt fetish fantasies. My problem with 99% of people who say, "I'm a libertarian," is that they seem to think that the only liberty that counts has to do with property and money. We almost never see the "libertarians" among us talking about all the other liberties we used to enjoy more fully. That's probably because most of them have a John Galt fetish, idolize a thoroughly terrible "philosopher" like Rand and so assume that other liberties magically materialize from property. See, unicorn farts.


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