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Earl Harrison is a certified professional geologist in Abilene, Texas.

He has an article in the Abilene Reporter-News explaining that "[t]he earthquake that devastated the island of Haiti was the result of natural and explainable earth processes." He explains the crust, the mantle and the core of the Earth; the forces that lead to the fracturing of the crust and the seismic waves that do the damage.

One might suppose he was countering the Robertsonian itch to lay the blame on God.

Not so much:

As we take a look at the intelligent design of the creation of our solar system, with this earth being included, we must conclude that the total creation was the handy-work of a "Supreme Intelligence" force, which we credit to God.

For the atheist, agnostics and any other nonbeliever, there is no other possible answer. They cannot prove otherwise.

In the creation, God instilled all of the principle physical forces in the creation that would preserve the creation and control its continued existence. There cannot be any other logical conclusion for the creation.

Simply stating that a conclusion is "logical" doesn't make it so, of course, perhaps especially when the only support given for the conclusion is that it can't be "proven" wrong. One might wonder why Mr. Harrison's Supreme Intelligence couldn't have done a better job designing the Earth so it wouldn't fracture and kill a quarter million people in one go but I suppose that all-purpose excuse about an apple, a girl and a serpent would be used to explain why natural and explainable earth processes so often wind up killing and maiming us sinners.

One does not need to be a non-believer to recognize that an omnipotent God can ensure that the world meets his standards without reliance on outside powers (like physical laws).

Tom S.
But believers seem to have difficulty recognizing it nonetheless.
I notice that Earl Harrison neatly stepped around the proof to link a "Supreme Intelligence" to his particular god.

Arguably if a scientist concluded that "some supreme intelligence musta done it", and in the absence of any evidence of identity, the chance that Earl Harrison's god was the true creator is the reciprocal of all known and any unknown creators. One in a hundred? One in a million? Not reassuring odds to take into Pascal's Wager.

...And then of course you have to explain the origin of the Supreme Intelligence...
Crap, another pseudo-geologist who gives the profession a bad name.
By that "logic," I am a goddess going incognito as a cell phone support tech by day / fiction writer by night / political blogger when the Muse allows. He can't prove otherwise, so it must be true!

So, yeah. Please send donations in lieu of worship. Heh.
If the Earth were perfectly designed so it wouldn't break, God could still break off a chunk and hurl it at sinners and their families and neighbors. But instead, the Earth was intelligently designed to break--and does so at just the right moments to kill sinners and their families and neighbors. Obviously, the Earth is intelligent because it can recognize when it must punish evildoers (and innocents who happen to be nearby).
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