Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oh, Canada!



And congratulations to the American team that made it such a thrilling tournament!

Good sports all around!
We won? *yawn*

(Speaking as a sportsaphobe who thinks the Olympics are a grossly over-expensive jingoistic DSW)
Yeah, but still ...
I have to admit that I didn't watch a single minute of the Olympics. Does that make me a bad Canadian?
You and me both, Augray. What miniscule interest I might have had turned to utter disgust when the local authorities started clamping down on free expression, months before the Games. The price -- and not just in dollars -- of this breadless circus is getting way too high.
I did like the way they renamed Cypress Bowl "Cypress Mountain", in spite of the fact that it's surrounded by perfectly good actual mountains (Hollyburn, Black Mtn., Mt. Strachan).
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