Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

The Holliston (Massachusetts) TAB has published a notice that a local church will be, as part of the Evolution Weekend sponsored by The Clergy Letter Project, screening the NOVA documentary "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" about the Dover Intelligent Design case. The notice drew this comment:

Read a tome entitled 'The Physics of Imortality' [sic] (on audio If you don't follow written math well) as it will indeed confirm that intelligent design is so scientifically valid that it wil [sic] preclude any other theroy [sic] as meer [sic] superstition. The bill of rights in the first amendment, the fredom [sic] of religion. The founders very perpously [sic] placed an important key to maintaining liberty while endorsing judochristan [sic] monotheisum [sic] as a nessary [sic] componet [sic] for a just goverment [sic] by and for a worthy citezenry [sic], truly theirs was an inspired vision. Sadly Saten [sic] be [sic] good at what he do [sic] best.
Call Poe or cry.

Poe or not, I love "Judochristan"! Oh, this is the start of a whole new meme . . . Judo-Christianity, a fighting faith!
Chuck Norris will, no doubt, be the first Pope.
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