Friday, February 05, 2010


Taking the Long Way 'Round

Tomorrow ... snow permitting ... we'll be holding a memorial service ... no, a celebration ... of my heart, my soul, my breath should I grow old. Opinionated blatherings will resume shortly.

My thoughts are with you.
Thank you.
John: I don't know if Ken Fair would have told you this anyway, but we have made a donation to the TalkOrigins Foundation in memoriam.

Be strong, my friend, and remember the happy times.
Be well.
Thank you very much for the donation and to everyone for their kind thoughts.
You are very much in my thought.
Many of us who can't be there in person will be there in thought.
I'm still at a loss for words. Cyberhugs instead.
That must have been some wake if it took you two days to recover. :)

Hope you are doing well (or at least okay.)
Heh. I'm Irish ... the French-ish name notwithstanding ... and we know how to throw wakes!

Thanks again to all for the kind thoughts.
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