Monday, February 08, 2010


Texas Two Step

Further on the race in the 5th District for the Texas State Board of Education, I heard from a candidate for the Democratic nomination:

I agree that Tim Tuggey does have a lawyer and a lobbyist. He's an intelligent man but he's not an educator. I believe that we need to bring more educators to the State Board of Education, which is why I'm running in District 5.

That would be Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a Professor of English and Film at Texas State University. There's a concept! An actual educator on a board of education!

While almost anyone, including Tuggey, would be better than Ken Mercer, it would obviously be better yet to have someone with actual training and experience in education.

Here is her campaign website for more information, including how to donate.

She is certainly way more qualified that the current "group of eight". But what is her stance on teaching evolution? There's no mention of her views on evolution v creationism on her site. I can imagine that she doesn't want to broadcast it if she supports the teaching of evolution.

She wants to stop the micromanaging of the curriculum being undertaken by the current board, but does this include reinstating the State standards for the teaching of evolution and the original choices for biology texts that were rejected by the current board?
All good questions. I've emailed her and will let you know about the response, if any.
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