Sunday, March 14, 2010


Black Hole

Ooh! Kent Hovind advising Rush Limbaugh! A convergence of ignorance that could collapse into a stupidity singularity that could suck in the entire universe!

Hovind does his usual idiocy about evolution but this is what caught my eye:

First, as a fifteen-year veteran high school biology teacher, with an extra dose of Midwest common sense ...

Let's just pause here for a second. Strangely, Hovind has never, to my knowledge, revealed where he taught high school biology. But, more importantly, that "extra dose of Midwest common sense" led him to try to convince a jury that the money he received from video and amusement park admissions belong to God and was exempt from taxes. Then he went and blabbed his lack of repentance over government phones clearly labeled as monitored and his tirades against the IRS were used against him at his sentencing hearing.

Then there's this:

Second, I loved your comment, "I'm not against science. I'm against lies."

Sure he is! His love of the truth was what got him a decade in prison.


Via Michael Barton at The Dispersal of Darwin

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