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The West Yellowstone (Montana) School District No. 69 is having an election and the sane candidates actually outnumber the crazies. Unfortunately, one of the crazies is the incumbent, though he may be the least crazy of the crazies. All of them were asked: “Do you believe that creationism or intelligent design should be taught public schools? Please explain.” Here are their answers:

Brad Loomis (two term incumbent):

In my opinion, creationism or intelligent design should be taught in public schools as an option. I find it strange that schools can teach the evolution theory or the big bang theory but not teach intelligent design as an option. This great nation was built acknowledging God.

David Arnado:

First of all, I am a Christian and very proud of it. Second, I believe that what ever you believe as a family or individual should be taught by us as parents in our homes or in church on your day of worship. Third, I believe our county was set up to separate church and state. I feel the teaching of religion should be kept within the walls of our family and that teaching of education should be taught in our school system and by dedicated educated teachers.

Rachael Burden:

No. The First Amendment forbids public schools run by the state from teaching religion. The public school system is created for ALLstudents and supported by ALL taxpayers. For that very reason it should remain neutral on religious issues and all other personal beliefs.

Clinton Fowler:

It is difficult at times for most of us to separate our personal desires from what is right. In our schools, we must avoid the promotion of one religious belief over another (Not all religions support "Intelligent Design" or "Creationism"). The children go to school to learn facts that will help them through life, help them become a better citizen of the World, not to learn about a particular religious belief. That is for the parents to administer outside of school.

Sandi Peppler:

Both theories should be explored in school. Scientifically there are many mysteries of the universe that have not been explained or have "yet" to be explained. Religion/God is a great part of an individual's heritage & should not be discriminated against. God should be allowed in school as an individual's heritage. Our country's beliefs were founded on God and I still believe in those beliefs.

It’s unclear whether Loomis is talking about some sort of elective course on creationism and ID but, if he is, it doesn’t sound like he understands that even elective courses must be religiously neutral.

But, of course, “sane” is a relative term. Two of the anti-creationism candidates want mandatory drug testing of teachers and other school employees and one of them wants to extend that to students. Ah, well.

Sigh. Too bad we can't vote in politicians like we choose buffet meals - vote in the bits we like, vote out the bits we don't, so that we end up with one whole sane politician in office.
Glad I'm soon leaving Montana!
Any of them pushing mandatory drug testing for school board members?
Any of them pushing mandatory drug testing for school board members?

No, but I'd like to know what they're smoking.

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