Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Confluence of All Stupidity

At least so it seems when Denyse (accent on the "Deny") O'Leary starts citing to Sal (Sycophantry-R-Us) Cordova for her fractured English brain dribblings.

This occasion is the National Science Board's strange decision to drop the section of the National Science Foundation's report on science literacy that deals with evolution denialism. De-Leary-ium focuses on the statement by the board member who took the lead in removing that section, John Bruer, a philosopher who heads the St. Louis, Missouri-based James S. McDonnell Foundation, to the effect:

There are many biologists and philosophers of science who are highly scientifically literate who question certain aspects of the theory of evolution.
I don't want to expose you too much to the toxic ooze seeping out of O'Leary's ears but one thing amused me. She seems to think that "few believe" in (whatever she means by) "Darwinism," and says:

In my view, the Darwinists had it coming. Evolutionary biologists, most of whom are tenured, were never willing to denounce "evolutionary psychology". No matter how ridiculous the theses, they refused to state clearly, publicly, and as a profession, that that is not science.
No biologists? She has never heard of Stephen Jay Gould or Richard Lewontin and the "Science Wars"?

Of course she hasn't. Morons rarely know anything about what they are babbling on about.

Completely off topic, but here's a quote mine project candidate.
Yeah, I'm aware of that one but there was already an entry on it in the TO Archive.

I do have to make the time, now that my personal difficulties are less pressing (though there is still a lot I've got on my plate) to revive the QMP.
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