Monday, April 05, 2010


Dropping Out Nuggets


Even science confirms what's in the Christian Bible. For just one example we have fossils. When you stop to think about it, just the formation of certain fossils confirms the cataclysmic worldwide flood of Noah's time. Why? Well, since even a high school dropout can understand that when an organic soft-tissued sea-dwelling creature dies and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it rots away in a short period of time or is eaten by scavengers. And in order for these fossils to be made you'd need the worldwide flood of Noah's time, as the fine soft silt covers these animals without harming them, and then drying out after the waters receded. And there are many, many fossils that contain the imprints of the flesh and skin of the host. Fossils of soft-bodied sea-dwelling creatures found in the middle of continents and up in the mountains don't show tectonic plate movement over zillions of years but serve rather to show the flood spoken of in the Christian Bible.

By the way, science also blows the "theory" of evolution out of the water in the fact that science "proves" that 23 chromosomes are needed from each host (male/female) in order for human life to continue replicating. All normal human cells contain 43 chromosomes (23 pairs). It is only the male cell (sperm) and the female cell (egg) that contain only 23, but when conception takes place and life starts, the cell divides and from there on out all the other cells will contain the 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). Only by special creation can the first two humans happen. Common sense also shows that evolution is impossible because the first mammal that appeared would have died before its mate of the opposite gender appeared. It would have to be the same animal and have to be the opposite gender and then of course happen a thousand times over for each species. So that right there answers the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Obviously it was special creation, the special creation taught about in the Christian Bible.

There are many other facts, not ideas but scientific facts, that serve to confirm the Christian Bible. Unfortunately space doesn't allow me to show more.

- Charles Markowitz, "Proof of the existence of Jesus"

Yes, it only takes a high school dropout to "understand" these things ... or someone listening to a moron like Ray Comfort. One wonders if those other scientific facts he doesn't have space for involve bananas.

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