Thursday, April 08, 2010


Fan Dance

Well, Paul Nelson is nothing if not late.

However, he is also unintentionally honest.

If you don't know the history of "Paul Nelson Day," you can reference PZ Megahertz' recent post.

Now Nelson, six years on, has finally admitted that "Ontogenetic Depth" was a crock ... a bit of babble that he was waiving about to cover ID's "naughty bits."

But now he is promising to roll out OD 2.0 (a particularly apt acronym for those drinking Kool Aid). One suspects that this is going to be a slow motion car wreck that we'll all rubberneck and then feel shame for our morbid curiosity.

But this is the bit that unintentionally revealed the truth of ID:

Like most ID theorists with a background in evolutionary theory, Iā€™m as much ā€” probably more, in fact, given the embryonic state of ID theory ā€” a student of evolution.

Translation: there is no there there in ID (despite Stephen Meyer's Book That Changes Everything) and the whole thing is the ol' "creation science" project of trying to punch minimally-reasonable-sounding holes in evolutionary theory so that people unfamiliar with science can feel comfortable with remaining ignorant.

I feel no shame whatsoever. :)
When you said Nelson was late, I assumed you were talking about publishing his thesis. Did I miss its publication while looking the other way?
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