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Okay, I won an internet poetry contest with this:

Winding Sheet

by John Pieret

Cast among the ruins
entropy exists
god winds down
and we are left
pirouetting shades
even pale in twilight
passing out and in among
the echoes of our past

Each and each
in turn
in transit
cross the faded sun
until what light fails
time collapses
and the darkness

Between that and a certain melancholy at my wife's death, I may be inflicting my very few select readers with occasional original poems, such as my last post. I'd apologize but ... tough tittie ... it's my blog! And I'm pretty sure I've alienated more people with my less-than-respectful opinions than I ever can do with my bad poetry.

But forewarned is forearmed.


Are you familiar with the Darwinian Poetry project?

Please take it as a compliment that I see a similarity in style. (Although that may be more of a comment about me as a reader than you as a writer.)

The project results were a lot more diverse years back, but now selection has narrowed the possibilities a bit. Kinda like the Cambrian Explosion that way.
Are you familiar with the Darwinian Poetry project?

No, but it is interesting. I take no offense in noting stylistic similarities ... I'm an evolved creature, after all. ;-)

But there is something missing in the few examples I've looked at so far ... personal meaning. Yes, that is a subjective standard ... but that is what poety is about! If I cannot convey to you a feeling I have in my poetry, it is bad poetry.
Yeah, I saw on Dana's En Tequila that you'd won, read the poem, and immediately thought of your wife. That is some really evocative imagery, John.
John, if you continue to make disparaging remarks about your poetry, I shall be forced to come out there and box your ears quite soundly. I've read a lot of poetry. Very little of it moved me the way yours does. Very little of it showed your mastery for images and words. So, humility I'll accept. Contempt, not at all. Take your tongue from your cheek and subject us to as much as you've got, sir!
I'm enjoying your poetry! As a fellow poet (who has also occasionally posted work on a blog), I don't mind at all. Please, more.
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