Sunday, June 13, 2010


Dirty Commies On the Texas SBOE

The majority on the Texas State Board of Education, when the backs of the God-fearin', capitalism ... er, free enterprise ... lovin', True 'MericansTM in the Lone Star State were turned, was sneaking the beliefs of a low-down Commie into the lessons of innocent children:

[Business] is devoted to satisfying the desire for profit, and such desire knows no bounds and always strives for more. And so business, absolutely speaking, is wicked, since it does not essentially signify a worthy or necessary objective.

How could any author who would write that wind up in the Social Studies standards, unless the people who put him there intended to undermine our God-given right to make a buck? Sure, the SBOE kept a children's author out of the third-grade section of the standards just because he had the same name as a person who wrote a book on Marxism but that was obviously just a smoke screen to fool everybody into thinking they were just dumb, while they were, in fact, planning all along to subvert the minds of the children of Texas.

Oh, and the Commie author ... some obscure monk named Thomas Aquinas or something like that.


Via Leiter Reports

Hey, warn't he some kinda Eye-talyun ur sumth'n? And a Cay-tholic so I hear'd. Did they jest kick a good ol' boy like Tom Jefferson out fur him? Whut'n the Sam Hill's goin' on there?
The greatest Irony of this is, if they actually read more of Aquinas, they'd probably throw him out, too.
It's a plant! He never said it!
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