Monday, June 07, 2010


Do You Think He Doesn't Like Them?

A thought:
Your Discovery Institute is a horrific mistake, an epic intellectual tragedy that is degrading the minds of those who consume its products and bringing dishonor to you and to the church. It is for good reason that Casey Luskin is held in such extreme contempt by your movement's critics, and there's something truly sick about the pattern of attacks that your operatives launched in the weeks after the Biola event. It's clear that you have a cadre of attack dogs that do this work for you, and some of them seem unconstrained by standards of integrity. I can't state this strongly enough: the Discovery Institute is a dangerous cancer on the Christian intellect, both because of its unyielding commitment to dishonesty and because of its creepy mission to undermine science itself. I'd like to see you do better, but I have no such hope for your institute. It needs to be destroyed, and I will do what I can to bring that about.

-Stephen Matheson, "An open letter to Stephen Meyer," Quintessence of Dust


"Do You Think He Doesn't Like Them?"

What honest person could? At least once they've had a good look.
Notwithstanding that Steve (as he said) was warned by many fellow scientists not to go to the Biola event (and that the DI flaks would take advantage of his good faith), it's still scandalous the way he was treated. And these people identify themselves as Christians.
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