Friday, July 09, 2010


Badass Quote of the Day

Shamelessly stealing ... er ... borrowing from Ed Brayton, here is the Badass Quote of the Day... from Ed Brayton:

Glenn Beck University -- for those who find the curriculum at Liberty, Regent and Bob Jones a bit too intellectually taxing.
Forget about transferring credits ... the question will be if you can keep real universities from taking credits away!
I see Keith Olbermann has already enrolled so this should be fun.

The curriculum seems appropriate. It takes Faith to believe you're going to learn anything there because on the basis of Beck's TV show, there's certainly no evidence to that effect, Hope is what you'll almost certainly lose after 'studying' there for any length of time and, if you do finally graduate, Charity is the only way the qualification will be taken seriously.
Why do I suspect that Keith Olbermann will be shortly dis-enrolled and some nameless intern is going to have to take his place in order to fuel the hilarity?
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