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Link Storm

Now the folks at Doctors Data, Inc. have gone and done it.

First of all, Liz Ditz at I Speak of Dreams has gathered a list of links to the reality-oriented blogosphere that have taken DDI to task (a project I had started but had not completed due to the holiday weekend). Everyone with a blog should republish these links (I'll be happy to lend you my html if you want):

Besides donating as much as you can to Quackwatch ... Sign the petition requesting that Doctor's Data publish reference standards. Read the petition ... Or you can go straight to signing it (Note: this is a petition by parents who believe in the vaccine autism myth ... even they are fed up with Doctors Data).

Those who support Barrett:

1. June 30 2010 Orac More Legal Thuggery Against A Defender of Science-Based Medicine Respectful Insolence
2. June 30 2010 Stavros Isaiadis More Libel Lawsuits instead of Scientific Debate Journey Through A Burning Mind
3. June 30 2010 Barbara Drescher Quackwatcher Dr. Steve Barrett Is Under Attack at Woo Fighters and ICBS Everywhere
4. June 30 2010 Monica Pignotti Science Based Medicine Blog on Legal Thuggery Potentially Harmful and Other Questionable Therapies
5. June 30 2010 Todd W. Doctor's Data Inc. Uses Legal Threat to Silence Criticism Silenced by Age of Autism
6. June 30 2010 Skepacabra News from Around the Blogosphere Skepacabra
7. June 30 2010 Kim Wombles Supporting Skeptics Who Speak Up Countering Age of Autism
8. June 30 2010 The Ashartus Files Attacks on Scientists The Ashartus Files
9. June 30 2010 Glenn Reynolds Threatening Bloggers is Generally a Bad Idea Instapundit
10. July 1 2010 Mike Masnick Quackwatch Sued for Suggesting Medical Lab Quackery Techdirt
11. July 1 2010 Derek Lowe "Doctor's Data": Telling the Truth and Getting Sued for It In the Pipeline (Corante)
12. July 1 2010 John Pieret This Could Take A While Thoughts in a Haystack
13. July 1 2010 John Pieret The DDI DDIdn't Thoughts in a Haystack
14. July 1 2010 Jack of Kent US libel suit against Quackwatch Jack of Kent
15. July 1 2010 Landon Ross Quackwatch Sued by Quacks The Rational Ape
16. July 1 2010 Ian Musgrave Anti-Science Bullies At It Again Astroblog
17. July 1 2010 Timothy Sandefur Quackwatch needs your help The Panda's Thumb
18. July 1 2010 Anonymous Coward Chelation Therapy Quack sues Quackwatch Bayblab
19. July 1 2010 Cujo359 Medical Quackery Meets Legal Quackery Slobber and Spittle
20. July 1 2010 Dana Hunter The Legal Jackboot En Tequila Es Verdad
21. July 1 2010 Brad Evans The Streisand Effect? I hope so Blue Horizons
22. July 1 2010 Reddit thread on the case
23. July 1 2010 Robert Carroll Quackwatch Doc Sued for $10 Million Skeptic's Dictionary
24. July 2 2010 Health Care Renewal Quackwatch being sued by "Doctor's Data", a laboratory that caters to chelation therapists Health Care Renewal
25. July 3 2010 The Lucky Atheist Spread the Word: Quacks Sue Skeptic The Lucky Atheist
26. July 3 2010 Hemant Mehta Science Defender Gets Sued by Doctor's Data The Friendly Atheist
27. July 4 2010 Horse Goes West Intimidation Fail Horse Goes West
28. July 4 2010 Bing McGhandi Doctor's Data: Litigious Fuckwits Suing Quackwatch Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes
29. July 4 2010 Michael Hawkins Doctor's Data is a Fraud For the Sake of Science
30. July 4 2010 Mike Stanton Doctors Data sues QuackWatch Action For Autism
31. July 3 2010 Peter Bowditch Doctor's Data The Millenium Project
32. July 4 2010 Aditya Rao Doctor's Data attempting to censor Stephen Barrett, MD author of Aditya Rao
33. July 5 2010 Monitor Doctor's Data doctors data!

But now DDI has attracted the attention of the 800 pound gorilla: Pharyngula. It'll never know what hit it.

It makes me so happy when these quacks step in it!

Wait a minute...I thought John Wilkins was the 800lb gorilla and PZ was the 800lb squid. I'm so confused.
Wilkins would be much offended at such references to his weight ... especially when so ... sort of ... exaggerated.

The essence of being an 800 pound gorilla, however, is that if you want to be an 800 pound squid instead, no one is going to stop you.
Barrett is a known liar and this has been proven in court. As a supposed "psychiatrist", if in fact he was, he does not possess the requisite academics, residency, tenure or fellowship to offer a truly qualified opinion on matters scientific or medical.

Barrett's only viable defence in the Doctors Data action will be insanity. Otherwise he will lose as has lost in all similar other actions.

Interesting that the list of the "who's who" in support of Barrett's reads more like a list of uninformed mindless criminal and ex-convicts like Peter Bowditch.
Uh, huh. And an anonymous coward is supposed to be more credible than a doctor (which psychiatrist are)?
"Anonymous" sounds like Tim Bolen. Site admin should forward the IP to Peter Bowditch. Bolen already posted comments at "Insolence", including threats that those who donate to or otherwise support Barrett's defense will be sued by DDI. Bolen seems blind to the fact that, besides being meritless, his threats could easily be considered interference in the court proceedings, and provide further grounds for the suit to be thrown out. It's possible Bolen was paid or otherwise encouraged by DDI (I'd figure the odds are 60-40 against). What DDI obviously should have done is pay him to shut up.

Also, shameless plug: I have a long analysis titled "Pecked by Quacks" at the "cures" page of
"link bombing"? You've got to be fucking kidding...Look how successful you aresholes were with "link bombing" Meryl Dorey of the AVN.

Barrett has lost this case because he neither motioned for an extension or filed within the deadline. Hopefully the stress of all this will induce some delightful consequences where he youtube like his brethren Randi....
Another anonymous coward ... or perhaps the same one.

I wouldn't count on there having been any default ... at least until there is a default judgment entered. Chances are the attorneys have stipulated to give additional time to answer, a common occurance.

If your knowledge of the law and how it works is all of the same sort, then your opinion is worthless.

As to link storms, I don't know how effective they are but if you Google "Doctors Data" (minus "hard drive" to eliminate a software manufacturer with a similar-named product), you'll find that the next three links after DD's own are critical of DD, including Barrett's "How the "Urine Toxic Metals" Test Is Used to Defraud Patients"
Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch deserves everything he gets. He is a liar and a fraud. DDI has every right to sue this man and as things develop apply for class action standing as others defamed by Barrett are enjoined into the action....

What a boob! Thanks for the clowning, it made me smile ... not to mention proving that Barrett's critics are clueless.
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