Thursday, July 22, 2010


Suffer the Little Children

The British government's Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, intended to promote educational field trips for schoolchildren, has given a "Quality Badge" to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

The British Humanist Association is not amused:

BHA education campaigns officer James Gray said:

'This is an appalling decision. It is entirely inappropriate that the Council should support an establishment that advances creationism and seeks to discredit a wide variety of established scientific facts that challenge their religious views, such as radio carbon dating, the fossil record and the speed of light.'

'Teachers and parents look to the Council for assurance that children will experience high quality educational visits that meet the relevant government guidelines. Awarding this particular zoo a Quality Badge risks exposing hundreds of children to anti-scientific dogma.'

'This is not a freedom of speech or freedom of religion issue. The question is whether the information displayed by this zoo meets the tests of accuracy and truth that parents, teachers and other educational professionals expect.'

Somehow, the "Quality Badge" brings to mind this: QUALITY animeshun.
Radio carbon dating? Until recently it could even challenge biblical dates. Maybe they meant radiometric dating. Creationists abuse this misunderstanding all the time and it does not help to perpetuate it here.
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