Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Apathetic Study

Here's an academic study of non-religious attitudes that is in need of more responses from people who consider themselves "agnostics." The aim is:

In the present study, we are particularly interested in differences between believers and unbelievers in fundamental values and attitudes that underlie their differences on specific social issues. In addition, we are interested in the origins of unbelief. Few people are raised in explicit traditions of unbelief and hence must arrive at their positions through some sort of explicit decision. There are many accounts of religious conversion experiences and how it affects people's lives. There has been, however, little written on how people come to be unbelievers and how, or whether, their unbelief affects their daily lives with family, friends, or workmates.
Since I am a militantly apathetic agnostic, I've heeded John Wilkins' call to respond to the survey, which was relatively painless.

But I have my doubts it will be of much real use. As someone recently noted, to some fundamentalists they were once "atheists" because they didn't go to church at least once a week (and didn't feel bad about it).

I suspect that most people who self-identify as agnostics have an idea that it means that they haven't committed to any particular god(s), which is far from my definition.

But, anyway, if you want to add to the survey ... even if you are one of those deluded atheists, doubters, sceptics etc., rather than a True AgnosticTM, please do so.

Okay, did my bit as a T-Ag as well.
That should, with Wilkins, make three of us.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

WTF was that last comment about?

Anyway, while I am functionally an atheist, though in reality more of an apatheist, I am curious and will take a look at it.

By the way, glad to know that my blog is still being read.
"WTF was that last comment about?"

It's from a troll who visits assorted blogs and apparently copies and pastes long rants. He's apparently mentally ill, and I don't mean that figuratively.
DM has the blogging equivalent of Tourette's syndrome and apparently wants me to stop him by implementing comment moderation ... or something.
I took the survey, though I be religious, because I was curious to see what it was asking and chose to submit the results because the choices for 'current beliefs' included religious beliefs. From that choice I'd conclude they either expect there are non-believers who would describe themselves as "deeply religious" (!?) or they intend to survey both believers and non-believers.
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