Friday, August 06, 2010


Haystack History

Since Michael Barton has graciously mistakenly foolishly included Thoughts in a Haystack in a list of "history of science blogs," I thought, since it has been a while since I babbled on about the history written by others, that I give some links to past efforts, to guide any innocents who might have been misdirected here and prevent complete frustration. Most of the following are "labels" that will each bring up several posts:

David Hull and Darwin's Critics

Neal Gillespie and Charles Darwin and the Problem of Creation

Richard Hofstadter and Anti-intellectualism in American Life

Edward Larson and Summer for the Gods; Ray Ginger and Six Days or Forever?

Keith Thomson and Before Darwin: Reconciling God and Nature

And then there is my very favorite:

Mooning Over Evolution

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