Saturday, August 21, 2010


Stop the Islamic Triumph Carts!

Via Ed Brayton and The Daily Show, we have been alerted to a new nefarious plan that all (the Right-) God-fearing Americans must stand up against: the Ground Zero Halal food carts!

As any student of (the Right) history knows, not only does Islam build mosques to celebrate their conquests, they build eating places that bring their strange cuisine where you can hardly get a good ol' Bacon Cheese Burger and literally force it down the throats of the conquered people!

IslamoFascists all over the world will celebrate these food carts as proof of their triumph over America on 9/11!

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They're just trying to divert attention from the plan of McDonalds to take over the world for American capitalism.
Naw. We've unleashed Mickey Ds to level the playing field by making sure the rest of the world has as much coronary artery disease as we do.
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