Saturday, September 11, 2010



Okay, this (via Ed Brayton) made me laugh out loud (even all by myself alone):
Obama wants the government to take over social security. That's why I'm voting Tea Party.
But it's rueful laughter.

It was SO much better when social security was run

Oh, right, the government.
Oh you laugh at govt. taking over Social Security but it won't be so funny when they take over Medicare as well!!1!
Okay, I read your post on the blog, but the post makes it sound like Ed Brayton said that quote, as opposed to him calling attention to the questionable statement being on a T-Shirt sold by T-Partiers.
Sorry. When I say "via," I mean "that's where I heard it from."
pieret is a sack of lying shit who is going to be flushed down the toilet of the UNIVERSE!
You know, what I really don't understand about DM is, why this blog?

There are plenty of other, far more provocative blogs for him to direct his wrath.
Well, DM's delivered his "sermons" to assorted blogs of those whom he's deemed infidels, including the Secular Outpost, Metamagician and the Hellfire Club, and Exploring our Matrix. I think he's even bugged Butterflies & Wheels. He's all over the place. Don't look for logic from him.
He's all over the place. Don't look for logic from him.

As J.J. mentioned, DM's even spammed James McGrath's place and Jim's a biblical scholar, a Christian and definitely not an atheist.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if DM thinks everyone but him is an atheist.
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