Friday, September 10, 2010


Who To Root For?

It seems a couple of Christian pastors in Ghana got their passports for the hereafter stamped in a rather silly way. It is reported that, coming to a flooded stream, they ignored the advice of the locals and their own driver to wait until the flood receded.

Instead, calling the driver a man of little faith, one of the pastors took the wheel and drove the vehicle into the stream, where it stalled and was overturned in the current. Two of the four passengers died.

But as silly as dying because you think God is going to protect you from rampaging water is the explanation given by one of the locals:

A renowned herbal practitioner cum spiritualist Dr. Ebenezer Adjakofi of Shakina Herbal Science Centre has made a startling revelation that river gods were responsible for the accident which untimely claimed the lives of two senior pastors of the Church of Pentecost. ...

According to Dr. Adjakofi, who got to the scene moments after the accident enroute to Dambai, the gods were angered by the insistence of the two Men of God to forcibly cross over the river ...

Dr. Adjakofi related that the behavior of the pastor and his team angered the river gods who decided to teach them a bitter lesson thus stopping the vehicle midway through the flooded water and sweeping it away. He claims the angered goods spared the lives of the driver and Mrs. Gadzekpo who were also in the vehicle but punished the two pastors for failing to heed to advice and daring them (gods). He noted that the river gods are already angered that the necessary rituals were not performed before the construction of a bridge in the area recently. He also advised motorists to heed advise from local residents of the areas they ply to avoid such avoidable accidents in future.
Now the part about heeding the advice of locals is good but the rest just brings to mind a divine WWF Smackdown.

But I have to admit that I am envious of the title "cum spiritualist" and will, therefore, piously pass on the opportunities offered by Dr. Adjakofi's name.

... and will, therefore, piously pass on the opportunities offered by Dr. Adjakofi's name.

One stands in awe of your restraint!
One stands in awe of your restraint!

Actually, I never was much into B&D ... oh, wait! ... never mind!
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