Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Paranoia on Parade

Okay, this is all you need to know about this article, from the Canada Free Press, entitled "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy's High-Water Mark?":

Because Fox News holds to the traditional journalistic stance of trying to present both sides of an issue (in their news programs), they are equally dissed by both the Far Left, and Far Right, as being either a conservative shill, or a left-wing "wolf in sheep's clothing." Which suggests that they're doing something right, (even though I personally consider much of their coverage to be frustratingly, annoyingly, liberal).

"Reality," much less "reality TV," has no meaning for the author.

You'd probably have heard much the same thing in Munich bierkellers in the 1920s
Well, left and right are relative. If you are a Nepalese Maoist, you will consider a mere Nepalese reform communist to be a rightist class traitor. So it makes sense that there will be some political viewpoint from which US conservatives sounds dangerously leftist. And the picture seems appropriate for that viewpoint...
Didn't know there were tea partiers in Canada. Someone please throw a shoe at him.
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