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One W. Edward Murphy, writing in a section of the Alvin (Texas) Sun-Advertiser dubbed "Views From The Right," penned an article entitled "Whom Should I Believe, Jesus or Darwin?"

You know already it isn't going to be pretty, right?

Let's see:

Darwinian evolution = atheism = "Marxism, Naziism, Socialism, and every other evil 'ism'" ... check!

There are no transitional fossils ... particularly "reptile" to bird transitionals ... because a book from 1960 said so ... check!

All the fossils found "are perfectly formed, and not one shows any sign of being a transitional creature" because, after all, Darwin proposed that transitionals would be unfit organisms that nonetheless survived to reproduce ... check!

"Missing links" ... check!

Quote mine of Darwin about the vertebrate eye ... check!

But Mr. Murphy does surprise in a couple of places:

Michael Behe, microbiologist, abandoned Darwin's theory, and is now an advocate of Intelligent Design (paradoxically he doesn't believe in an Intelligent Designer-he's an Atheist!).
That may just be because Behe is one of those Cath-O-Licks ... a spawn of the Whore of Babylon ... and automatically not a True BelieverTM.

However, Mr. Murphy's insistence that the Texas School Board has decided "to teach only evolution s the basis of life" shows a deep inability to pay attention.

But this part is fun. Darwin, you see, was not "a true scientist" because "[h]is theory is unproven, and unable to be proved." Besides, Mr. Murphy has knockdown proof that evolution is wrong:

Every one of us have a father who can be traced back as far as the skill of a genealogist can determine. In other words we are historical beings - we are from history.

Jesus is unique; He has no human father. He is not from history like every other human being who has ever lived. He came into history, blowing Darwin's theory to bits - namely that all life came from a simple cell.
... since, after all, we are able to prove, and have proved, that Jesus had no human father.

Rather needlessly, Mr. Murphy ends with:

By the way, I believe Jesus!

"... since, after all, we are able to prove, and have proved, that Jesus had no human father."

Enjoying a nice summary judgment on the 'law', I'd go with the more general argument that Christians generally consider that Jesus' conception was an exception to the normal rules of How Things Work. Thus, even if one believes Jesus was born miraculously to a virgin and had no human father, it would imply precisely nothing whatever about how things normally work.
The York, PA, papers have been filled with letters to the editor that used similar reasoning, even for years before the Kitzmiller v. Dover fiasco.

A recent item described a study that showed the York area ranked low in comparison with other areas in the country in terms of intelligence. For some reason, however, none of the many comments about that article made reference to the lack of thinking skills demonstrated during KvD.
That's a treasure trove of concentrated burning stupid, that is. Seems like it should be regulated by the ATF...
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