Thursday, December 09, 2010


The State of Science Education in the US

This just about says it all:

The state board's decision has some southwest Louisiana parents across the state afraid that the textbooks will fail to explain the many scientific challenges to evolution.

"I think it goes along with this intelligent design that they want to teach and it's not scientifically backed up," said Amanda Trahan, a concerned parent from Grand Lake. "It has no proof and that scientific proof should be taught in the classroom."

The poor woman hasn't a clue what "intelligent design" is and, of course, even less about what science is.

The article quotes someone else:

"... differing views on creationism verses evolution."

Somebody thinks that "intelligent design" is creationism.

And somebody has a spelling problem.

I don't know ... "creationism verses" sounds about right to me.
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