Monday, January 17, 2011


Damned If You Do ...

Via the Sensuous Curmudgeon, there's this recognition by Ken Ham of what Intelligent Design really is:

[I]n a world where evolutionary naturalism pervades the culture, we need to show people the evidence for the intelligent Creator. In the public schools, students are indoctrinated in the Darwinian view of the origin of life and man—they're taught that everything arose by natural processes with no supernatural activity involved. These people need to see how obvious it is that life could not have arisen through naturalism.

But it would be disastrous simply to show people the evidence for an intelligent Designer and not to pursue the topic any further. When we talk to people about an intelligent Designer, we must recognize the ultimate need of each human. If we leave the Creator's identity a mystery, we invite people to consider all sorts of gods as this possible intelligence, instead of the one true Creator God. ...

Christians use many powerful arguments to show people that they have no excuse for denying the Creator. Christians must also follow through, however, by sharing what the Bible reveals about the true God and His unique plan of salvation and restoration. Otherwise, their listeners might put their faith in good works and seek after a Hindu god, a New Age god, or the Muslim god.
They know their own ... sometimes they just don't like 'em very much!

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That quote makes me laugh. If the christian truth is so powerful, and god makes himself so evident through his creation, why work so hard to prevent people considering other possibilities? The guy who said those words needs to listen to himself speak and then ask himself why god needs so much help from the lower beings.
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