Tuesday, January 25, 2011



The Undiscovery Institute's Ministry of Misinformation is reporting that David Coppedge, a young-Earth creationist who sued the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for religious discrimination because of his advocacy of Intelligent Design among his coworkers, has been "fired."

According to Coppedge's attorney William Becker, JPL claims the firing resulted from downsizing in the face of budget issues, but Coppedge is the most senior member of the team that oversees the computers on NASA and JPL's Cassini Mission to Saturn. Coppedge doesn't seem at all like the first person who would normally be forced to leave in such a situation, but. [sic] Obviously, JPL has other considerations.

Since what is "obvious" to the Discoveroids is not so obvious to rational people, I'll await further developments before opining on the relationship of this layoff to Coppedge's suit ... except to note that "senior" (i.e. overpaid) IT geeks on a computer system for a mission that has been in place since 2004, and running well, might be a prime target for layoffs.

Also, it would be incredibly stupid for the JPL to lay off Coppedge, in the face of his lawsuit, without a solid basis. Unlike Coppedge, I tend to doubt the JPL administrators are incredibly stupid.

I dunno, I often tend to assume management is incredibly stupid, everywhere....but then I'm one of the geeks.
Well, then the JPL lawyers are incredibly stupid ... um ... no comment!
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