Sunday, March 27, 2011


Misfeasance and Malfeasance

The people who read this blog have probably already heard about Beau Schaefer, a teacher at Libertyville High School, in a suburb of Chicago, who was introducing creationism into his science classes. The Libertyville School District has decided not to try to try to fire Schaefer, and I'm okay with that. Everybody is entitled to a second chance and, in any case, if anything can be learned from John Freshwater, the biggest losers in any such attempt are the children of the school district, when large amounts of money go to legal and associated fees, instead of, you know, actually educating them. But this kinda bothers me:

Ken Eichelberger, 71, of Grayslake and former 15-year president of District 128, said teaching creationism in science class has been going on for a while at the district. "As I understand it, it has been taught that way for years. If there was no board policy to the contrary, I don't think the teacher should be held accountable," Eichelberger said.

Now, Edwards v. Aguillard, which ruled the teaching of creationism in public schools was unconstitutional, was decided 24 years ago. If the violation of the Constitution has been going on for "a while" and the board had no "policy to the contrary," was it because Mr. Eichelberger and his compatriots on the board were incompetents or were they deliberate malefactors who broke their oath of office?

Maybe somebody should look at what else these people have been doing. .

I wonder if they have a policy against teaching demon possession as the cause of disease.

Or is that one of those "alternative theories" that must be taught?

Glen, I wonder how long anybody would last if they taught, or countenanced the teaching of, alternative theories of football or basketball.

... countenanced the teaching of, alternative theories of football or basketball ...

Never mind that ... what if they countenanced the teaching of alternative theories to heterosexual sex?
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