Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Our Program Will Resume Momentarily


I am recovering from some flu-like illness and, though I am feeling better, I still don't have the stamina to give much serious thought to blogging. Our normal babbling schedule will return shortly.

I always wondered how the American Indian ended up in the "Please Stand By" image...

Oh, and Get Well Soon!
Yeah, something nasty has been going around. Hope you feel better soon.
Gute Besserung
Get well soon. So few professional loudmouths have any sense; in addition to appreciating your loudmouthy sensemaking, I cherish you as a statistical outlier.

Augray, re American Indian mascot/image; I used to live in a predominantly Native American area. On the sports page of the local paper, the Washington Redskins were always listed as the Washington Indigenous Peoples.

-- pew sitter
Get well soon!
If you were one of these atheists you could claim it isn't just any old 'flu but Gnu-Flu.

You'll just have to relax and watch reruns of Firefly like me.

Zhēn dǎoméi!
Thanks all for the well wishes.

You'll just have to relax and watch reruns of Firefly like me.

That was the worst part ... I could only make it through the first couple of hours before I conked out. I hope the Science Channel will be repeating them all.
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