Monday, June 27, 2011


Learning From the Stars

The BBC has made available the Reith Lectures, annual radio lectures beginning in 1948 by notable figures on contemporary issues. Among the selections:

1948 Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual

1952 Arnold J. Toynbee, The World and the West

1953 Robert Oppenheimer, Science and the Common Understanding

1959 Peter Medawar, The Future of Man

1966 John K. Galbraith, The New Industrial State

1984 John Searle, Minds, Brains and Science

1991 Steve Jones, The Language of the Genes

2010 Martin Rees, Scientific Horizons
Or, of course, you can just watch Dancing With the Stars ...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Why, thank you.

I'm quite touched you even knew.
Belated Many Happy Solar Orbits as well.

In our household, the preference is for So You Think You Can Dance?

I wonder how many broadcasting organizations would dare give airtime to leading thinkers today.

Having said that, there are possibilities. Russell may not have cut a particularly stylish rug but intellectually you could certainly have called him Ol' Twinkletoes. Maybe there's room for a show like Thinking with the Stars or So You Think You Can Think?
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