Saturday, June 11, 2011


Open Mouth, Deposit Foot

They just can't help themselves.

The Giles County School Board hasn't yet posted the minutes to its meeting on June 7, 2011, at which it approved the creation of school displays of several documents of "special historical significance to our community, our county, and our country's history," that just happen to include the Ten Commandments. But the good people from the press were there and have given us some of the flavor of it:

Sammy Marshall, a Giles County resident, said he would provide finances if a legal battle resulted from the board's decision.

"We not only have support for this in Giles County but the support of Christians across Southwest Virginia," Marshall said. "We will fight this. God will prevail. This is not over by a long shot. We will not stop until the Ten Commandments are in every school in this country."
But, of course, the purpose of the board in doing this is purely secular!


If this were Star Trek these guys would all be wearing red shirts.
There was something like this in my hometown. The first group was trying to argue that posting religious references in schools (in my town's case, In God We Trust) was purely for secular reasons. The second group was invoking God every time the case was brought up. The first group tries to get the second group to shut up.
@ IHS,

With Cuccinelli as Virginia's Attorney General, those red shirts may survive several episodes. Sigh.

-- pew sitter, from East Virginia pew
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